posted Apr 6, 2012, 10:26 AM by Cong Dong Nguoi Viet Ottawa

If you are, or aspire to be a community activist or leader, then Lên Đường Camp is for you. The Vietnamese Culture & Science Association (Headquarter in Houston, Texas) cordially invites Vietnamese-American and Vietnamese-Canadian youths 18 years or older to the 15th Annual Youth Leadership Development Camp, Lên Đường 2012.
Lên Đường Camp has been the place to be for over 3,300 Vietnamese- North American students and professionals during the past 14 years.  Interested attendees are highly encouraged to register early. Space is limited and Lên Đường Camp has consistently received more registrations than available space.
Lên Đường Camp offers all the following and more:
    LEN DUONG CAMP 2012:
    Location: Camp Courage Center - Maple Lake, Minnesota, USA
    Start Date: 6:00pm - May 25, 2012
    End Date:   2:00pm - May 28, 2012
    Camp Theme this year
    promoting the G.R.A.C.E core values  
    (Gratitude - Respect - Accountability - Courage - Engagement)
For complete information about Lên Đường Camp 2012, including pictures from previous years, special speakers, directions, fee schedule, available scholarships and online registration, please visit http://www.lenduongcamp.org  

This year, the Vietnamese Canadian Federation will offer 2 scholarships of $500 each to Len Duong camp participants in the Ottawa-Gatineau area. This will help cover the airfare from Ottawa to Minneapolis. The winners will have to pay their own registration fee, which is $165 usd ($155 if register before April 5th). Note that the deadline for camp registration is May 9th, 2012. The deadline for essay contest submission (Ottawa) is April 22, 2012.
Contest Description: Essay Contest. We are using the same question as the VCSA Essay Contest so you can submit the essay twice (to VCF in Ottawa and to VCSA in Houston). Note that you must attend the Len Duong Camp 2012 to claim your prize(s).

The purpose of the contest is to encourage young community activists from across the North America to share their ideals in volunteerism and to encourage them to attend Len Duong camp.
Who can participate? Everyone between the age of 18 and 35, living in Ottawa or Gatineau, who is currently active in a community group and wants to attend Len Duong 2012 Youth Leadership Camp, is eligible to participate in the contest.
How? Write an essay of 1,000 words or more in English or Vietnamese describing the reason why you want to get involved with volunteer activities and/or community services? What inspired you to get involved in the community and what is your aspiration. You might also want to mention the reason why you want to go to Len Duong camp. You might want to share your experiences from the past Len Duong camps and what impact have it given to you (for anyone who has gone to Len Duong camp before).
When? The deadline to submit the essay electronically for Ottawa is April 22, 2012,  and for VCSA is April 14, 2012.
What is the prize? For Ottawa: There are two prizes of $500 each for the two best essays, for youths age 18-35 living in Ottawa-Gatineau. For VCSA: There will be three Prizes for the three best essays from all camp participants.  Winners will receive FREE registration fee to Camp Len Duong 12 (in the value of $160 USD or $175 CAD) and a Plaque as the First Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize Winner of Len Duong essay contest. For VCSA, the winners will be presented the Prize at Len Duong 2012 camp.
For Ottawa, please send your essay to cultural.affairs@vietfederation.ca, attention: Ngoc Vo.  Include your full name (last name, first name), your email, your phone number and your home address.

For VCSA, please send in your essay and include your full name (last name, first name), your email and your home address. You can also send an electronic copy of the essay to LD12Essay@vcsa.org
If you have any question, please email Ngoc Vo at cultural.affairs@vietfederation.ca