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2014-2016 Term

In conjunction with the Vietnamese Canadian Federation (VCF) by-laws, and Rules and Regulations, the 17th bi-annual General Assembly (GA) was held in Edmonton, on June 6th, 7th, and 8th of 2014.
        There were 6 (out of 11) members of the VCF Chapters participated:
                •  Association des vietnamiens de Sherbrooke
                •  Vietnamese Canadian Community of Ottawa
                •  Calgary Vietnamese Canadian Association
                •  Edmonton Viets Association 
                •  Vietnamese Association of Nova Scotia
                •  Vietnamese Canadian Community in Greater Vancouver Society
        And the leaders and delegations of the following youth groups attended:
                •  Calgary Vietnamese Youth Association
                •  Generation's Legacy in Montréal
                •  Edmonton Vietnamese Student Association
                •  Vietnamese Youth Group of Greater Vancouver

In the GA, Ms. Tuyet Lam, Former General Secretary of the VCF Executive Committee, 2012-2014 term, reported the goals and accomplishments in 2012 – 2014; as well as challenges and obstacles in the past two years, especially the issues related to the Museum of the Boat People project.

The VCF members and representatives have discussed at length that the VCF, moving forward, will take ownership and be responsible for the management of the Vietnamese Boat People Museum (VBPM) project and its funding.  The VCF has elected Ms. Tuyet Lam to lead the new VBPM Core Committee as per the Motion #1 and #2 resulted from the Special General Assembly of the Vietnamese Canadian Federation held in Toronto in February 2014. 

In conjunction with the By-laws amendment the General Assembly has elected the new Executive Committee, Compliance Committee, and Board of Directors of the VCF, 2014-2016 term. 

        We are pleased to announce the members of the VCF Executive Committee, 2014-2016:
                •  President: Dr. Dinh Tri Hoang, DDS
                •  Vice-President Internal Affair: Mr. The Son Nguyen 
                •  Vice-President External Affair: Ms. Tuyet Lam
                •  Secretary: Ms. Hien Thi Ngoc Tran
                •  Treasurer: Ms. Dau-Thi Huynh, CPA, CMA

        The Compliance Committee, 2014-2015:
                •  Dr. Huu Do Truong, MD (Calgary)
                •  Mr. Quy Linh, BA, LLB (Nova Scotia)
                •  Mr. Luong Le Phan (Ottawa)

        And Board of Directors, 2014-2015:
                •  President of the Board of Directors: Mr. Van Nha Tran (Sherbrooke)
                •  Vice-President of the Board of Directors: Mr. Chi Hieu Tran (Calgary)

The General Assembly also welcome more than twenty youths and young leaders from Canada youth associations.  Besides participating in the general discussions and panels of the GA, the youth held a separate track of discussion to brainstorm the Boat People National Story Telling project, which will be launched across Canada, not only to promote and collect the stories and artifacts for the Vietnamese Boat People Museum project, but also encourage youth to participate and contribute to the project and community. Three people from this younger generation have been elected to be members of the Executive Committee and the Compliance Committee: Mr. The Son Nguyen, Ms. Hien Thi Ngoc Tran, and Mr. Quy Linh.

The new VCF Executive Committee expressed the thankfulness to the former Executive Committee, Advisors, the Board of Control, and former Board of Directors in term 2012-2014 and recognized their dedicated contribution to the activities of VCF in the past years.  The new VCF EC will elect new members as per the By-laws and will make announcement accordingly.

The President, Dr. Dinh Tri Hoang, DDS, and the VCF Executive Committee will work closely with the Board of Directors, the Compliance Committee, and all members of VCF Chapters in solidarity, democracy, transparency and mutual respect to serve and build a strong Vietnamese community in Canada, as well as maintain a strong network and co-operation with the other Vietnamese communities around the world.  The VCF executive will especially focus on creating, encouraging, and foster an environment for the younger generations to contribute and share their innovation, skills, and expertise in every domain, and help them understand the importance of their leadership in the Vietnamese communities now and future.

The General Assembly has made amendment to the VCF By-laws in according with VCF functions and requirements, and in compliance with the new rules and regulations set by the Federal Government for non-profit organizations. 

The Vietnamese Canadian Federation Executive Committee has received the resignation letter from Mr. Duy Can Le dated May 21, 2014, followed by the resignation letter, written and signed by Mr. Quang Tri Le on behalf of the Board of Directors (Mr. Quang Tri Le – President, Ms. Hue Duong – Treasurer, and Mr. Thanh Danh Nguyen - Member) of the Vietnamese Canadian Centre dated June 6, 2014.  The VCC Board of Directors resignation is effective July 31, 2014.

The Executive Committee of VCF has sent a letter to VCC Board of Directors and Mr. Duy Can Le requesting a meeting with them on June 22, 2014 to plan for transition all outstanding projects, financial reports and statements, book keeping, as well as funds and access to bank accounts as per the VCF By-laws.  VCC and Mr. Duy Can Le have declined the meeting invite.

The Executive Committee of VCF hopes that Mr. Quang Tri Le and Mr. Duy Can Le co-operate with VCF in transferring the operation and management of VCC to VCF to ensure seamless and effective transition and to minimize interruption of active projects such as the Vietnamese Boat People Museum, Freedom at Last, etc…  The VCF will openly inform the VCF Board of Directors and the public on the status of the VCC resignation and transition.

        Sincerely Yours,
        Dr. Dinh Tri Hoang, DDS
        President of the VCF Executive Committee 
        2014-2016 term